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MasterChess: learn, develop, and master!

The one problem chess teachers and all teachers in general see when kids come back to school every September is the rustiness and forgetfulness of material from the previous year. Our camp will make sure that not only will your child retain what he/she knew before, but they will progress to new heights and be more ready for the new school year and higher chess levels. On top of that, campers will get to develop their critical thinking skills in other fields as well, so that they’re well-rounded and not bored of only playing chess. Moreover, we will use games, competitions, and prizes to make your child’s experience educational and exciting. We will do this while giving kids a break from technology, which we believe is healthy in the hi-tech world we live in. Our team of chess masters and teaching masters looks forward to seeing you at our Master Chess Summer Camp!

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Chess Masters

Master MIKE
Head Coach

Master MARK

Master Daniel


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