Master Chess 2021 Online Winter Camps!

MasterChess: learn, develop, and master!

Week 1: 5 days Dec 20th-24th 2021
Week 2: 4 days Dec 27th-30th 2021

Aim of our camp: welcome to our 2021 Master Chess Winter Camp!

This year we remain hopeful that summer camp 2022 can be at least partially outdoors. In the meantime, we have prepared an entertaining and engaging online program for winter, on December 20th-24th, and 27th-30th. Our teachers Mr. Zane and Mr. Panos will cover chess, money management, and public speaking through the lens of fables and mythology. Our goal is to provide the campers a social, fun, and instructive experience which is differentiated to make sure that nobody gets tired from doing any one activity for too long. This will not be as formal as our semester classes at CCYC, but will complement the themes we cover in class. It will be mostly story and game based, adjusting to the age and level of the campers. Below you will find an overview of the activities our teachers prepared and we will have a timetable available for view so you can see approximately how each day will go. Looking forward to having an enjoyable winter break, and seeing ours campers’ progress!

Mr. Panos’ Chess and Public Speaking


Chess is a game of problem-solving, planning, and foresight. Developing the skill to think ahead and formulate a plan rewards kids with victory and prepares them for life. It also helps exercise both sides of the brain, since it requires a lot of “if this, then-that” scenarios, but it also encourages kids to imagine all the potential moves, alternatives and outcomes of each possibility. Another fantastic aspect of chess is that it improves kids’ concentration and penalizes them for losing it. Lose focus and you lose a piece! Maintain focus and you’re likely to win! This aspect of the game gives a child’s brain a fun incentive to stay focused while playing. Most importantly, all these benefits are reaped, while the kids connect with each other, building positive relationships and lasting memories.



Fables never get old. From “The Hare and the Tortoise” to “The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing”, these ancient tales never cease to excite and instruct. Their short narrative is structured to deliver moral teaching in an attractive and creative way. They are ideal for children as they are exciting and easy to understand. They can also entertain, teach and guide. The vocabulary used is simple, with animals as the main characters, in order to stimulate children’s imaginations. These stories are also used to develop public speaking skills of our campers, who will use these stories to come up with imaginative stories of their own, and put what they’ve learned from fables into practice. The goal of the course is to encourage and promote a liking for literature, help children reflect on the morals embedded in the stories, and promote effective speaking habits.

Mr. Zane’s Money Management program


Students will be introduced to concepts of money (and other resource) management through interactive games. These games will be both individual while learning the concepts and interdependent while applying them. This is to mimic real world influences and promote soft interpersonal skills relevant to money management – by means of games. Through a combination of engaging games and stories of real world champions of these concepts such as Warren Buffet, students will come away entertained and excited about money management.


  • Online camp for 2021.
  • Please download Zoom before the camp.
  • Create a free lichess account before the


Whole day camp:
○ Full price: $239+HST/week1; $209+HST/week2;
Early Bird Price: $199+HST/week1; $169+HST/week2;

Half day camp:
○ Full price: $139+HST/week1; $119+HST/week2;
Early Bird Price: $109+HST/week1; $89+HST/week2;

Early Bird Price End by Dec15th 2021



8:55-9:05 Everybody joins the Zoom Chat, Announcements are made including activities for the day.
9:05-9:30 Students join the Warm-up arena on lichess, to play or watch
9:30-10:10 Chess Lesson on level-appropriate topic (Focus will be on calculating variations)
10:10-10:25 Recess during which time kids eat snacks and teacher reads chess stories, kids get to socialize
10:25-11:25 Lesson on public speaking including speech preparation, performances, etc. Older kids do money management with a focus on understanding the power of compounding.
11:25-11:35 Physical activities/game break: Games may include Charades, Pictionary, Werewolf, etc.
11:35-12:00 Double chess and other variants, with a focus on cooperation with teammates.
12:00-1:00 Lunch hour. Kids can eat and socialize, as well as play games like Battleship.
1:00-1:40 Chess lesson #2, using resources such as chesstempo,,, and so forth
1:40-2:40 Lichess/ tournament, in a swiss or ladder system. Virtual trophies will be awarded at the end.
2:40-2:55 Recess during which time kids may have snacks, socialize, and play online games approved by the teacher.
2:55-3:20 Game analysis from the tournament, endgame exercises, studies, creative chess tasks such as position reconstructions, help-mates, and so forth.
3:20-3:30 Physical activities/games: This may include public speaking games like Master who am I, as well as Guess the object
3:30-4:00 Fun chess variant time including double chess, atomic chess, take-me chess, secret square chess, and crazyhouse chess.
4:00-6:00 After-care can be requested to the teacher, based on their schedule.


Refund Policy

  • No money or cheque refund.

Please turn your Phone/iPad sideways for registration

ItemsCamp TypeWeekPriceBuy
Full Day, Half Day Afternoon, Half Day MorningWeek 1: Jul 4 - Jul 8$159.00$259.00
Full Day, Half Day Afternoon, Half Day MorningWeek 2: Jul 11 - Jul 15$159.00$259.00
Full Day, Half Day Afternoon, Half Day MorningWeek 3: Jul 18 - Jul 22$159.00$259.00
Full Day, Half Day Afternoon, Half Day MorningWeek 4: Jul 25 - Jul 29$159.00$259.00
Full Day, Half Day Afternoon, Half Day MorningWeek 5: Aug 1 - Aug 5$159.00$259.00
Full Day, Half Day Afternoon, Half Day MorningWeek 6: Aug 8 - Aug 12$159.00$259.00
Full Day, Half Day Afternoon, Half Day MorningWeek 7: Aug 15 - Aug 19$159.00$259.00
Full Day, Half Day Afternoon, Half Day MorningWeek 8: Aug 22 - Aug 26$159.00$259.00
Full DayWeek 2:Jul 25 - Jul 29$489.00
Full DayWeek 1:Jul 18 - Jul 22$489.00
Full DayJuly1st,4th,5th,6th,7th$399.00