Master Chess Online Winter Camps!

MasterChess: learn, develop, and master!

Week 1: 4 days Dec 27th-30th 2022
Week 2: 5 days Jan 2nd-6th 2023

Aim of our camp:

Dear parents and guardians, welcome to our 2022 Master Chess Camp! We will
do everything we can to make your child’s winter more engaging, instructive,
interactive and social. Our teachers for the camp this winter will be Mr. Zane, and Mr.
Sai, who will be teaching public speaking, coding, money management, and of course
chess 🙂 To demonstrate key chess ideas, we will include game reviews from the
recently finished World Championship in Toronto, and other major events!
We will try to go in depth, covering the games, positions, players, and the history
behind the show. For the fun aspect, we will introduce the classic chess variants like
crazyhouse and atomic chess, while working on teamwork with games like tandem
. For AM Camp: 09:00-12:00
. For PM Camp: 13:00-16:00
. For full day camp: 09:00-16:00
Please register and login to your account before the camp starts.

What to prepare
1. Lunch/Lunch order and snacks for recess time
2. Zoom ID which will be given out along with a password. Keep in mind that IDs may
change depending on the teachers in charge.
3. Water-bottle
4. Working Camera and microphone. Having both working properly will drastically
improve the education quality.
5. No toys that might distract them or others around them. There will be plenty of
games at the camp
6. Books are ok as long as they’re only taken out during lunch hour.
7. Please prepare kids for staying on task for the duration of camp, as there are many
distractions online which will hurt the camp experience.
8. Working account with username and password. The chess portion of the
day will rely on this account. It’s preferable to be logged in right before joining Zoom.
As a bonus, it’s good to have a account, but not necessary. Some games
like 4-player chess might be held there.

Whole day online camp:
○ Week Dec 27-30 (4 days):
Full price: $219+HST/week;
Early Bird Price: $179+HST/week;

Week Jan 2-6 (5 days)
Full price: $259+HST/week;
Early Bird Price: $219+HST/week;

Half day online camp: AM or PM
○ Week Dec 27-30(4 days)
Full price: $139+HST/week;
Early Bird Price: $109+HST/week;
○ Week Jan 2-6(5 days)
Full price: $159+HST/week;
Early Bird Price: $129+HST/week;

Early Bird Price End by Dec 11 th 2022

Refund Policy

  • No money or cheque refund.

Please turn your Phone/iPad sideways for registration

ItemsLocationCamp TypeWeekPriceBuy
OnlineFull Day, Half Day Afternoon, Half Day MorningWeek1 Dec27-30 2022$109.00$179.00
OnlineFull Day, Half Day Afternoon, Half Day MorningWeek2 Jan2-6 2023$129.00$219.00