Master Chess 2022 Summer Camps!

MasterChess: learn, develop, and master!

Week 1: July 4th-8th 2022
Week 2: July 11th-15th 2022
Week 3: July 18th-22th 2022
Week 4: July 25th-29th 2022
Week 5: Aug 1st-5th 2022
Week 6: Aug 8th-12th 2022
Week 7: Aug 15th-19th 2022
Week 8: Aug 22th-26th 2022

8 weeks online camp
2 weeks onsite camp


8:55-9:05 Everybody joins the Zoom Chat, Announcements are made including activities for the day. If needed, Breakout rooms are started.
9:05-9:30 Students join the Warm-up arena on lichess, to play or watch
9:30-10:10 Chess Lesson on level-appropriate topic (Focus will be on attack vs. defense)
10:10-10:25 Recess during which time kids eat snacks and teacher reads chess stories, kids get to socialize
10:25-11:25 Lesson on public speaking including speech preparation, performances, etc. Older kids focus on debating, good/bad ways to argue points, and how to handle controversial issues.
11:25-11:35 Physical activities/game break: Games may include Charades, Pictionary, Werewolf, etc.
11:35-12:00 Double chess and other variants, with a focus on cooperation with teammates.
12:00-1:00 Lunch hour. Kids can eat and socialize, as well as play games like Battleship/Catan
1:00-1:40 Chess lesson #2, using resources such as chesstempo,,, and so forth
1:40-2:40 Lichess/ tournament, in a swiss or ladder system. Virtual trophies will be awarded at the end.
2:40-2:55 Recess during which time kids may have snacks, socialize, and play online games approved by the teacher.
2:55-3:20 Game analysis from the tournament, endgame exercises, studies, creative chess tasks such as position reconstructions, help-mates, and so forth.
3:20-3:30 Educational Games: This may include public speaking games like Master who am I, as well as Guess the object
3:30-4:00 Fun chess variant time including Double chess, 4-player Chess, Atomic chess, Take-me chess, Kung-fu chess, and Crazyhouse chess.
4:00-6:00 After-care can be requested to the teacher, based on their schedule.


  • Online camp  Mr. Zane,Mr. Panos.
  • In Person camp  Mr. Sai,Mr. Lefong
    2 East Beaver Creek Road Building #4, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 2N3
  • Create a free lichess account before the


Whole day online camp:
○ Full price: $259+HST/week;
Early Bird Price: $219+HST/week;

Half day online camp:
○ Full price: $159+HST/week;
Early Bird Price: $129+HST/week;

Early Bird Price End by May31th 2022

Whole day Inperson camp:
○ Full price: $489+HST/week;
Early Bird Price: $419+HST/week;

Mr Mark CYCC preparation camp(only the kids who register CYCC could register):
○ Full price: $399+HST;


Refund Policy

  • No money or cheque refund.

Please turn your Phone/iPad sideways for registration

ItemsLocationCamp TypeWeekPriceBuy
OnlineFull Day, Half Day Afternoon, Half Day MorningWeek1 Dec27-30 2022$109.00$179.00
OnlineFull Day, Half Day Afternoon, Half Day MorningWeek2 Jan2-6 2023$129.00$219.00