Master Chess 2022 23 Online Camp Waiver

1.Winter Camp Waiver. Feel free to use DocuSign application, or print, sign, and use
Adobe Scan app to email.
2. There will be no sheets for sign-in and sign-out but please send us a note if your
child cannot come for whatever reason, so we’re not worried.
Please let us know

1.If your child has any medical conditions which might come up during camp-time.

2. If your child may need help with any of the technology involved. We will do what we
3. If your child needs to come late or leave early, so we will keep that in mind when
planning activities
4. If your child has a problem with any of the camp activities, so we can try to
5. If you have trouble logging in to Zoom or Lichess
We encourage every camper to participate as much as possible in the activities
we have planned, while giving full respect to their teachers and following directions.
Our goal is to ensure growth and learning through play, for which we promise to be
energetic and entertaining. We can’t wait to work with your children, and see them
grow into mature critical thinkers and problem-solvers. See you in camp!!