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 Player Name Player Gender CMA Rating Player School Grade Payment Status
Liam Au-YeungMale624Grade 4Paid
Vidhaat BarmechaMaleGrade 6Paid
Yatharth BarmechaMaleGrade 9Paid
William BiMaleGrade 3Paid
Sean C henMaleGrade 5Paid
Stephan CaiMaleJKPaid
Brian CheangMale400Grade 9Paid
Lucas ChenMaleGrade 4Paid
Leo ChenMaleGrade 2Paid
Michael ChenMale1130Grade 5Paid
Kyle ChenMaleGrade 3Paid
Ryan CowanMale1012Grade 10Paid
George FengMaleGrade 2Paid
Cedeic GaoMaleGrade 1Paid
Heye GaoMale1444Grade 4Paid
Heye GaoMale1444Grade 4Failed
Joe GaoMale628Grade 1Paid
Gloria GaoFemaleGrade 4Paid
Ken GuMaleGrade 8Paid
Emre GunayMale943Grade 5Paid
Ethan GuoMaleGrade 6Paid
Valerie Kit Lin HoFemaleGrade 1Paid
James HoMaleGrade 7Paid
Aden HuangMaleGrade 6Paid
Bryan HuangMaleGrade 6Paid
 Player Name Player Gender CMA Rating Player School Grade Payment Status

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